Dream Girls: New subliminal and music releases

Hello everyone,

I’d like to introduce to you Dream Girls new and improved music Ocean Waves and Bird Songs which will eventually replace the current Ocean sounds and what we call Little Bird with these new nature sounds.

That will replace all the existing subliminal programs in the Members Area.

But for now we’d like to release the following three new programs for the Girlfriend Subliminal Programs,

1. I am a Good Girlfriend – Subliminal
Use this subliminal program she will want to be a good girl for you.

She will learn to obey you.
She will accept that you are in charge.
She will learn that her place is at your side.

Most of all she will learn to please you.

2. Marrying My Boyfriend – Subliminal
Using this simple subliminal program will give her the idea of wanting to marry her Boyfriend, which is you.

She will want her Boyfriend to become her Husband.
She will want to make her Boyfriend happy.

3. Move in with your Boyfriend – Subliminal
Using this simple subliminal program will give her the idea of wanting to move in with her Boyfriend.

And an all new Mind Control series,

The Mind Control series is a group of subliminal programs recorded for the following girlfriend, wife and slave girl using the terms boyfriend, wife and Master in the subliminal messages…

1. My Boyfriend is My Identity – Subliminal

2. My Husband is My Identity – Subliminal

3. My Master is My Identity – Subliminal

Using this subliminal program you will be able to mold your girl’s identity into the ideal dream girl.

She will devote her time to you.
She will give herself to you.
She will see you as part of her identity.

She will learn to accept that you’re apart of who she is.
All recorded in the following silents, rain and the all new ocean waves and bird songs.

Exciting things are about to happen here at Dream Girls!
Stay tuned,

Dream Girls new forum coming soon

Hello everyone,

I have some existing news for Dream Girls users 🙂

I’ve been working on building a better forum for the site and even though we haven’t finished it yet. I like everyone to take a peek at the new forum setup, http://dreamgirlsbeta.xyz/forums/

Here on Dream Girls Beta site will be testing all new site features before they go live. I need to make sure each new feature will play nicely together before I setup everything up on a working site.

My goal is to have open and private forums like before, for free and paid prime users. I have the free and paid sections up and running right now on the Beta site.

Plus a new Messages Inbox custom made for the forum. Along with the ability to see other users profiles in the forum giving you easier access.

Why am I doing this? Because the forum we have now is junk, it’s hurting my creative insight keeping me from giving Dream Girls new features. I know I tried setting Dream Girls, up with a differnt forum in the past that didn’t work all to well but I’ve learned a lot since then and converting forum data over to a new setup.

And we will have the ability for Unread Posts – Unread and recently updated topics…

This is a good clean web code people!

All keep you all posted,


Dream Girls Subliminal MP3 Player update

Hello everyone,

I have some good news about Dream Girls.

My web designer and I have been busy working on a new forum for Dream Girls but assured the existing forum isn’t going anywhere until the new one passes beta testing and approved by site members.

The new forum will have all the same features the existing one dose but even better and an improved loading time.

Also I plan to start working on some new subliminal programs for the members area soon.  I have this one idea for something called: My Identity…

Sample line: My Husband is my identity.

And now back in December of 2015 I talked about a new MP3 Player which I’ve been working on. The development of the Subliminal MP3 Player APP a downloadable software that will be available sometime this year.

The Subliminal MP3 Player APP http://subliminalmp3player.com apart of Dream Girls prime services.

Soon to be available in Dream Girls Prime Membership!

Good day,


Dream Girls: New Subliminal releases 01/28/2016

Hello everyone,

Dream Girls just released two whole new subliminal programs in time for the new year!

First up an alternative version of I am a Whore – Subliminal for Self-Help Subliminal Programs

– I am a Whore – Subliminal (Self-Help)

And now the following,

– My Girlfriend’s Cleaning Habits – Subliminal

– My Wife’s Cleaning Habits – Subliminal

– My Slave Girl’s Cleaning Habits – Subliminal

This program will give your Girl the willingness to learn and accept her cleaning skills. She will find satisfaction in caring for the household.

And now some news on the Subliminal MP3 Player website is up and running at http://subliminalmp3player.com The Subliminal MP3 Player App itself is currently under development and will be ready for beta launch sometime this year.

We also updated Dream Girls with the new design we gave the Subliminal MP3 Player site since it is a product of Dream Girls. All have more news on the new MP3 Player soon…

Will also be making improvements on new Dream Girls login system.


Good day,


Dream Girls: Subliminal MP3 Player in 2016

Heads up!

Coming soon in 2016 sometime next year I plan to release an all new Subliminal MP3 Player APP capable of playing all of your subliminal MP3 files in web browser.

Supporting OS:
– Windows
– Linux

You can check it out at Subliminal MP3 Player http://subliminalmp3player.com

We plan to make the Subliminal MP3 Player available FREE for existing Dream Girls Prime members giving you unlimited access when this APP is ready to go live.

In the past I’ve made three MP3 Players which is the Amy MP3 Player, Lee MP3 Player and now the TJ MP3 Player all fine software but I know we’ve all had problems when it comes to the Windows OS and trying to get it to correctly.

So my idea is to build a new Subliminal MP3 Player where the user signs up for an account and be able to run the APP in web browser after logging in. And the best thing is you won’t have to install anything onto your PC or mobile device!

As of now I’m discontinuing the TJ MP3 Player promotion here on Dream Girls but the software will still be available for download from the Members Area for a limited time.

The TJ MP3 Player runs best on Windows 7 except for 8 and 10…

Further good news is the Subliminal MP3 Player will share the same features as the TJ Player that’s being discontinued. And yes it will have the capability of hiding the software as it plays a silent subliminal.

The all new Subliminal MP3 Player http://subliminalmp3player.com brought to you by: Dream Girls http://dreamgirlsgt.com

Coming soon in 2016!
Merry Christmas all,

Dream Girls: All New Christmas Subliminal Releases 12/21/2015

Hello everyone,

And Merry Christmas my favorite time of the year!

I’m pleased to bring you Dream Girls all new subliminal programs just in time for the holidays a release of four new subliminal MP3’s.

New Subliminal Downloads – http://dreamgirlsgt.com/members-area/?menu_id=5&id=237&cat=New-Subliminal-Downloads

I Feel Good – Subliminal
Using this subliminal will help you build up confidence in yourself.

It will help you feel good.
It will help you to relax.

You will learn to feel good about yourself.


The Supportive Wife – Subliminal
Using this subliminal will help your wife to become the homemaker you’ve always wanted her to be.

She will learn that her place in the home.
She will become a good homemaker.
She will serve her Husband.


The Supportive Girlfriend – Subliminal
This is a simple subliminal that teach your Girlfriend to be supportive of her Boyfriend.

She will learn to support her Boyfriend.
She will let her Boyfriend make all the decisions.
She will will love her Boyfriend deeply.

Go slow with this subliminal program and she’ll become the girlfriend you’ve always wanted.


A Wife’s Place – Subliminal
Using this subliminal will help your wife to become the homemaker you’ve always wanted her to be.

She will learn that her place in the home.
She will become a good homemaker.
She will serve her Husband.


A side update, you have have noticed that we’ve been making a few changes to the site which is still under going a few updates along with the new website store and login system we installed a few week ago. My designer and I are still working out the bugs but all keep you posted as Dream Girls advances.

And if you need a Custom Subliminal orders for only $120.00 http://dreamgirlsgt.com/sd_product/custom-subliminal

Looking forward to 2016 🙂



Dream Girls: New eBooks and sledgehammer releases

Hello everyone,

The latest sledgehammer testing is as planned with some improvements made to the new silent method. sledgehammers is now ready for full beta release. By the way I like to thank everyone who helped in past testing!

Everything is going as planned 🙂

But first we have two new eBooks available to Prime users which are step-by-step guides.  And they can be downloaded here: http://dreamgirlsgt.com/members-area/?menu_id=5&id=268&cat=New-Training-Girls-eBooks

eBook 1. Listening to Dream Girls Subliminal MP3’s – eBooks
Using this eBook will advise you on listening to Dream Girls Subliminal MP3 programs and talk about the silent audio method.

eBook 2. Understanding Subliminal Messages – eBook
Reading this eBook will give you a crush course in understanding subliminal messages and how to use them.

And now the sledgehammer (I will Love Honor and Obey) is ready for full beta testing.  I used a new silent format for the recording of these new subliminal sledgehammers.

And to top it off newest music release Little Bird!

– I will Love Honor and Obey My Master – Sledgehammer
– I will Love Honor and Obey My Husband – Sledgehammer
– I Will Love Honor and Obey My Boyfriend  – Sledgehammer

Download here: http://dreamgirlsgt.com/members-area/?menu_id=5&id=266&cat=New-Sledgehammer-Subliminal-Downloads-

This sledgehammer will use three text-to-speech voices to encourage peer pressure for training your girl in: I Will Love Honor and Obey.

I Will Love Honor and Obey are the traditional wedding vows she will learn to abide by.

Using this subliminal will teach her to Love honor and obey you.

She will want to make you happy.
She will love you.
She will honor you.
She will obey you.
You will become her whole world.

Feedback is always welcome thank you 🙂


Dream Girls Sledgehammer testing

Hello everyone,

I’m doing some silent testing since I’ve been working with sledgehammers these past few weeks.

Okay this is new Sledgehammer for I will Love Honor and Obey My Boyfriend in a new silents format.

Please listen to the file and tell me what you think. I could use the feedback.

Post here in the forum or contact us


All the best,


Dream Girls: Members Area new upgrade complete

Hello everyone,

Dream Girls is proud to bring you the newly upgraded Members Area www.dreamgirlsgt.com/members-area now mobile friendly just like the website itself.

And as promised the merging of the VIP membership into Prime is complete. This will make things easier for the new Members Area updates and upcoming features.

The membership is still Prime just VIP has joined it. Now as I said before all Prime members who joined under VIP in the past will get special access to first come new features and the new story, Molly The Puppy Girl when it’s finished 🙂

Now for upcoming subliminal releases,

I’ve been working on a new category idea I like to name Femdom Subliminal Downloads catering to women for training slave girls. And along with all new Sledgehammer subliminal programs I’ve been working on.

I should have something soon on the new releases 🙂

Good weekend,


Dream Girls www.dreamgirlsgt.com

Dream Girls members area upgrades coming soon

Hello everyone,

Dream Girls Fetlife group is back in action finely You can find us on Fetlife at, Dream Girls https://fetlife.com/groups/28029 or click on the Fetlife social icon above 🙂

I plan to post a few new subliminal freebies there soon as I’ve done before for promotion.

What else, I’ve been working on the latest upgrade to the Members Area and the website itself which will have a new mobile face lift making it easier to browse.

Members Area ShotThe upgrades to the Members Area is the first step to creating Dream Girls Groups which will share in the same framework.

Groups will play apart in subliminal uploads and listings a new members feature currently underdevelopment. To be made available sometime in 2016!

Along with the merging of VIP Membership with Prime making it all a one membership.  Those who purchased Prime and VIP in the past will have first time access to new features and special releases coming soon.

All have the Members Area release ready soon…

And that’s not all,

After the Members Area upgrade is complete all be bringing back, Dream Girls MP3 Subliminal Sledgehammers along with new categories, ect

Side note: The new story (Molly The Puppy Girl) is coming along fine but it’s still in the early writing stages only because I’ve been busy with Dream Girls.  I plan to make this story a BOMB and to be readable by members only!

Good day,


Dream Girls www.dreamgirlsgt.com