Dream Girls almost done

Hello everyone,

As promised I’m back at work, working on the site 🙂  Just doing a few touch ups right now, you know getting things in working order.

We’ve all noticed Dream Girls has two menus right?  The top menu is for site users and the menu below is the main switch!  Hope I explained that good but if not you’ll figure it out, hehe

Anyways site users can now edit there passwords/ email and upload avatar pictures which includes info.

I made a few adjustments to the side bar which is Dream Girls Store functions and our new Directory.

Next on the list is rest of the subliminal programs for the members area!

Good day,


Ready Made Sledgehammers

Hello everyone,

What Dream Girls has for you today is (Ready Made Sledgehammers)

Ready Made Sledgehammers

Welcome to a whole new series of custom subliminal messages.

Be able to pick a Subliminal Sledgehammer script from a selection below and Dream Girls custom services will individually incorporate your (full name) into the Sledgehammer script.

Ready Made Sledgehammer Scripts:
1. Whole World – sledgehammer
2. His Happiness – sledgehammer
3. I am a slave – sledgehammer
4. My Keeper – sledgehammer
5. Custom Design
We will record your (Full name) incorporating it onto the subliminal sledgehammer where she will hear your name over and over again based on the ready made script hand picked above.

All for $90 per subliminal sledgehammer recording. Will be ready for download within 7 days after we agree on starting date.

Brought to you by Dream Girls!

You can order it at http://www.dreamgirlsgt.com/girls/sledgehammers

Only here at Dream Girls we assist you in training girls.
Good day,

I will love honor and obey – sledgehammer released

Hello everyone,

I have great news for us all!

The release of the I will love honor and obey – sledgehammer subliminal program.  Since my last update we’ve invested in two new voices 🙂  Dream Girls now uses 7 voices which is Amy, Linda, Emily, David, Allison, Heather and Tracy for sledgehammer subliminal messages.

Who can use it?  If you have a wife, girlfriend or training a slave this sledgehammer will work for you.

Since the release of the new sledgehammer Dream Girls has a new Members Area selection Sledgehammer Subliminal Programs…

e-Book Forming New Habits
Habits are routines of behavior that are repeated regularly, and they tend to occur subconsciously without directly thinking consciously about them. Habitual behavior sometimes goes unnoticed in people exhibiting them, because it is often unnecessary to engage in self-analysis when undertaking routine tasks. Habituation is an extremely simple form of learning…

e-Book Subconscious Awareness – Teachings
Our subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than our conscious mind.” Along with running most aspects of our physiology, from heart rate to hormone release, the subconscious mind stores everything. This includes our memories good and bad as well as our beliefs and our knowledge…

These two new e-books are Members only service helping you to train girls.

Next week will have (Ready Made Sledgehammers) service up and running…
Have a good weekend everyone,

Dream Girls accepting custom subliminal orders

Hello everyone,

After taking a break and bringing new subliminal programs online for the Members Area!
Dream Girls is once again accepting subliminal sledgehammer custom orders.

Join us on Facebook www.facebook.com/dreamgirlsgt
Dream Girls www.dreamgirlsgt.com

Have a good week,


Coming soon to Dream Girls

Hey all,

The subliminal program I am a cow is coming soon to, Animal Subliminal Programs 🙂

Side lines I’m trying to come up with a new sledgehammer called money slave?  A program where she will want to share her money earnings with her Husband, boyfriend if you get the picture.

Good day friends,



Dream Girls brings you new Subliminal programs at last

Hello everyone,

Dream Girls is pleased to welcome the following,

Listed on Converter Subliminal Programs,
Rain Music Converter – Subliminal
Silent Converter – Subliminal

Listed on Animal Subliminal Programs,
I am a Cat – Subliminal
I am a Cow – Subliminal
I am a Slave – Subliminal

Listed on Self-Help Subliminal Programs,
I am Dominant – Subliminal

And the three new Maid Programs!
Loyal Maid – Subliminal
Maid Property – Subliminal
Neat Maid – Subliminal

And now something we’ve all been waiting for 🙂  A better way

for reviewing subliminal scripts 🙂

Fest your eyes on the, Dream Girls Subliminal Scripts eBook

Software one simple download!

You can find this at Software & E-book Downloads

All here on Dream Girls www.dreamgirlsgt.com

Coming soon….

My Decision Maker – Subliminal
My Keeper – Sledgehammer

Good day all,


Sledgehammers remastered

Hello everyone,

I just completed the upload of all the Sledgehammer subliminal programs.

I will love honor and Obey – Sledgehammer

This program was remastered and is now ready for download 🙂

More sledgehammer programs for the members area will be coming soon.


Have a great 4th all,