Submissive Girls: All new App updates 7/27/2017

Hello everyone,

The long wait is finally over the Amber MP3 Player an online web browser App is out for Beta testing. The Amber MP3 Player is completely independent, with nothing to download. It’s capable of playing all your Subliminal MP3 tracks.

Prime members can access the Amber MP3 Player directly on Submissive Girls from your computer or mobile device. Just load your Subliminal MP3’s into the Playlist feature and click play.

Next up is the Amber Text to Speech App we had to upgrade the core files to fix necessary speed issues that were causing it to slow down.

We also updated the design layouts for the Amber MP3 Player and Text to Speech App along with our new spokesperson girl named, Amber!

You’ll also notice the (Molly Game App) soon to be an online adult game featured by Molly The Puppy Girl an eBook story series soon to be available in 2018!

Further updates,

Coming soon an all new Stories App feature allowing site users to read and publish adult stories here on Submissive Girls.

The Stories App will be coming soon sometime in 2017!

As for the Dream Girls old forum, we took it offline for awhile so we can move it to a new location we’ve ended up having to fix the Text to Speech App first which wasn’t running correctly.

Now when we bring back the old forum you’ll be the first to know but I’ll be available as an archive to existing and new Prime members who’ve paid for membership.

And as for Submissive Girls, the new forum will be releasing the next update for forum design and layouts soon. We’ve taken all users feedback into question and using it to improve the new forum.

Stay tuned,



Submissive Girls new Subliminal releases for 6-21-2016

Hello everyone,

Using the newly updated Amber Text to Speech App and the Subliminal Recorder software for recording the Subliminal MP3’s.  We’ve created two new subliminal programs available for download.

Now available for beta testing the new Subliminal MP3’s were recorded using the following cover music Spa Music, Little Bird, Rain, Ocean Waves and one new sound we call White Noise.

And a newly improved the barely unnoticeable Silent method as the Subliminal MP3’s play unnoticed subconsciously picked up by her.

After successful beta testing, we plan to re-record all Subliminal MP3’s using the improved Silent method and record all programs for White Noise.

First up is the newly remastered Self Mind Control broken down into three Subliminal MP3 programs. The Self Mind Control was created from an old (Self Mind Control) script but we’ve rewritten it for this three part series.

1. Self Mind Control (Part 1) My Thoughts – Subliminal
Using this subliminal program you’ll learn to better control your mind and your inner thoughts through the power of self-talk.
2. Self Mind Control (Part 2) Positive Outlook – Subliminal
Using this subliminal program you’ll learn to achieve an all new Positive Outlook on life.
3. Self Mind Control (Part 3) Setting Goals – Subliminal
Using this subliminal program will help you learn to set goals for yourself so you can learn to achieve just about anything you set your mind to.
These Subliminal MP3 were recorded for just about anyone looking for self-improvement in his or her life. If you want to learn to control your thoughts, have a more positive outlook on life or maybe learn to set goals for yourself?

The Self Mind Control series could be for you.

How to use the Self Mind Control Series
And now up second we have the following Subliminal release for the Self-Help Subliminal Downloads,

I am a Good Girl – Subliminal
Use this subliminal program she will want to be a good girl for you.

She will want to obey you.
She will be easy to please.

The script for the (I am a Good Girl) subliminal was written in simple minded terms for any girl wanting to learn, to behave properly.




Submissive Girls new updates and full site Search up and running

Hello Everyone,

I just completed the following updates to the Submissive Girls site by adding full site Search and improving password recovery making it more effective to receive and change the password. I also fixed a site error and added a Forum Newsletter feature that will allow you to Unsubscribe from Trainer81’s email newsletter.

I understand that not everyone wants to be informed when new site updates or new subliminal releases come out and rather check Submissive Girls from time to time without getting a newsletter.

So the new Forum Newsletter feature can be accessed under Profile after you log into Submissive Girls. And below the main menu, we added a second menu to help in expanding Submissive Girls new and existing features.

The Library and Archive coming soon will be accessible by Prime members giving you access to web links and other site resources for training girls.

Coming up next will be improving the forum layout making it easier to use and navigate when we post new topics or reply to existing posts.

And along with a whole new version of the Self Mind Control – Subliminal scripted and recorded into three separate subliminal programs.

Self Mind Control My Mind (Part 1) – Learn to control your thoughts on how you want to think and behave.
Self Mind Control Enjoy Life (Part 2) – Learn to be more positive about yourself and in everyday life.
Self Mind Control Goals (Part 3) – Learn to set goals for yourself and what you want to achieve from life.

Good day,



All Subliminal MP3’s are up and ready for download

Hello Everyone,

I’ve finished uploading all of the Subliminal MP3’s to the Submissive Girls download directory which is located on the right-hand side of the site for easy access.

Mind Control Subliminal Downloads
Girlfriend Subliminal Downloads
Wife Subliminal Downloads
Slave Girl Subliminal Downloads
Maid Subliminal Downloads
Pet Girls Subliminal Downloads
Adult Entertainment Subliminal Programs
Self-Help Subliminal Downloads

Now the all new Subliminal MP3’s have been remastered using the new and improved Amber Text To Speech female voice for recording all the Scripts to be used in creating the Subliminal MP3’s.

I also like to take this time to introduce the (Spa Music) making it the 5th Music selection.

While listening to the following Spa Music, Little Bird, Rain, Ocean Waves and one other is a barely unnoticeable background we call silent a new age method the Subliminal MP3’s play unnoticed subconsciously teaching her to become the dream girl you’ve always wanted.

Further update we’ve taken: Animal Subliminal Programs and renamed it: Pet Subliminal Programs.  All the programs here are the same we just renamed the category!

As for the Self Mind Control Subliminal Programs I use to have this Subliminal up as one whole Subliminal program but I’m planning on updating the Script into (3) whole new Subliminal programs.

I use to run this Subliminal, Self Mind Control on myself a few years ago so I could learn how to control my thoughts and have more of a positive outlook on life, not that I hadn’t already but I wanted more!

I still have some of these teachings with me as of today but this new version will be a lot better.

Self Mind Control My Mind (Part 1) – About controlling my mind and thoughts…
Self Mind Control Enjoy Life (Part 2) – About being positive…
Self Mind Control Goals (Part 3) – About setting goals for myself…

The (Self Mind Control) is a subliminal program that just about anyone can use.

And I’m not done with the new Forum yet. I still have to install a full Search for the forum and install further updates for the homepage and forum layouts.  I’ve listened to some feedback and I plan to make these changes soon.

Submissive Girls as a website isn’t complete yet we still have a long way to go!



Stay tuned,




All new Submissive Girls and upgrade from Dream Girls

Hello everyone,

I’d like to introduce to you Submissive Girls Apps an upgrade from Dream Girls which has been up and running since 2007 and we’re now planning to move forward here on Submissive Girls!

Your Prime membership along with the Username you’ve been using on Dream Girls! Has been moved over to Submissive Girls. When log into Submissive Girls use the username you’ve been using with Dream Girls.

Plus Dream Girls will be sending out a temporary password to each and every Prime user that can be used to log into the new site Submissive Girls.

All of Dream Girls pre-existing services like our Subliminal MP3’s and eBooks for training girls in submission and obedience will be carried over to the new site Submissive Girls accessible by all existing paid Prime members.

All the following eBooks have been newly updated in training girls step-by-step!

Try out Submissive Girls all new forum and private messaging with fellow site users like yourself to see what we have to offer you.

Paid Prime members will be entitled to Submissive Girls exclusive Apps capable of running in web browser with nothing to download.

Submissive Girls first App is our female voice, Amber a Text To Speech Recorder which can be used to create all your audio scripts.  Now after you’ve created the audio script and read our updated eBooks showing everything you need to know, to record yourself a Subliminal MP3 for training your girl in submission and obedience.

But that’s not all we’ve come up with a whole new method for recording the Subliminal MP3 using our Subliminal Recorder App which has been showing good results.

For the past few months, we’ve had successful beta testing for our new Subliminal MP3’s and will be ready to bring them to Submissive Girls all new download directory sometime this month.  I’m still preparing the files for upload but all be keeping you updated as they become live on the new download directory.

What will be done with Dream Girls?

Will be keeping Dream Girls existing download directory and forum fully functional at the same time you’ll be able to log into Submissive Girls to give the new forum a try!

Dream Girls will be kept as an archive website for its blog and forum…

Along with the exclusive Apps we carry, Submissive Girls is a whole new site in beta with new and expanding features.

But that’s not all coming soon is the following,

Subliminal MP3 Player App – This App will allow you to run all of your Subliminal MP3 audio files playable in any web browser whether it’s on your computer or any mobile device.

More updates coming soon,



The day Dream Girls internet connection went offline!

Hello everyone,

I woke up this morning to no internet connection and Dream Girls being offline. My business internet service was experiencing a big outage and it was affecting a lot of other peoples internet to. And my internet service’s their support team and website was down to.

The whole state was without Internet service!

But Dream Girls is back and we shouldn’t have any further difficulty hopefully…

Could it be because of Friday the 13th ?

Anyways stay tuned for a whole new website system coming in February. Will be starting out with a whole new forum and messages system setup in beta…

Good day,


Dream Girls: Happy New Year 2017

Hello everyone,

I want to take this time to thank all those who’ve been supportive of Dream Girls in the past and what we have planed for the future. When I do launch the new beta version of Dream Girls I won’t pull the existing website until we have all the bugs worked out in the system.

What’s going to happen is we’ll be testing the new forum and an improved Members Area directory based on current setup for downloading subliminal programs but better.

And besides the forum a whole new Messages and inbox setup for users to correspond with one another privately. Along with the testing of our new Subliminal MP3 Player APP that will accessible through web browser.

Oh yes, and I believe all have the new Text To Speech APP ready for testing as well at the time of the beta launch…

As for my story the rewriting of Molly The Puppy Girls is also going well plot is the same as I’ve had it before. The story it’s going to be about an 18-teen year old girl who’s going to be auctioned off and sold to a guy who’ll put her through puppygirl training… All have more to share on this later when the story is ready for release.

All keep you all posted on what’s happening so stay tuned to for further updates in February 2017 🙂


Happy New Year 2017,



Dream Girls: Important updates coming soon in 2017

Hello everyone,

I know Dream Girls has been lacking in updates for the past several months but that’s going to change in the coming days. Caring for Dream Girls has been one of my priorities and catering to customer service from besides taking on important tasks that concern my future and everyone else.

Since July of 2016, I became preoccupied with the US Presidential election knowing that Hillary Clinton is truly unfit to run this country and that my friends and I found possible evidence that she in fact sold weapons to terrorists in which we are at war with. Among other things, she was out to scam America for money and power. In return she’d allow President Barack Obama to serve his third term through her.

It all started when she stole Democrats Nomination for President from Bernie Sanders. My friends, this was truly a scam and I hate scammers… I knew I had to play apart in helping to stop her!

Hillary Clinton’s Pathetic Craigs List Ads For Supporters @ $50 A Pop!

DNC using white-noise machines.

Everything you’ve heard about Hillary is the truth from wanting to kill babies to supporting child sex slavery and 9 year old child brides which is really sick and the list goes on. Long story short, the Clinton’s are monsters that don’t know right from wrong.

In the coming year 2017 the existing main stream media will have to some way; be destroyed and replaced with a more reliable source. Fox News near the end somewhat joined us in the fight but CNN is the worst and we boycotted across the United States!

Dream Girls services has always been about Christian and Catholic values for training girls in
submission and obedience for happier relationships. And in support of voluntary slavery not the other way around.

I may right my stories and sometimes they help drive sales. But there just stories with some truth to how subliminal messages work and how they can be used to train girls in submission.

So in the middle of July, I joined a group of internet trolls already set in motion to build a resistance against the Clinton machine. Besides caring for Dream Girls, I spent night and day trolling online and making calls to help Donald Trump win the White House. I trolled Facebook and Twitter and gave large support to Trump and his YouTube rally videos which were broadcast by Right Side Media.

Fedup with the democratic bullshit, we trolls/ Trump supporters only wanting a better future and to make America Great Again… But we can’t do that right now under Democratic leadership since all they believe in is a make believe world and that everything is fine!

I helped in exposing Hillary, in which I nick named her Killary the baby killer. Her rallies were fake, her sickness, headaches and past brain damage is all real! Hillary is not allowed to be left alone with the grandchildren or use matches. Do you really want to leave her alone with the nuclear codes?

Info Wars did a wonderful job exposing Killary’s staged rallies and proving how ill she is…

Hillary wanted WW3 with Russia all because Putin is fighting terrorists known as ISIS! One day we will have actual proof and she’ll pay for these crimes and so much more. Obama to will pay for his sins!

I do believe Hillary is a terrorists and in fact she caused 9/11? I have no proof of this but oen day the connection will be made. Why I think she caused 9/11, is so she could play hero on that day.

Now after the elections are over I’ve done some serious soul searching, I’m still in full support of Trump and I know this is what God wants. We have a chance to correct a lot of problems here in the United States and a chance to Make America Great Again while putting an end to this War on Terror!

We need to give Trump a chance and put America first 🙂

These past few weeks I’ve been getting back into the swing of things but it’s not easy after fighting someone like Hillary. On the plus side I’m currently rebuilding my whole business and hiring new freelancers to help me with upcoming projects like web design and advanced web code.

For Dream Girls, the site is getting a major reboot. This is in the form of a whole new layout design with a complete face-lift for existing and new add on features. All of Dream Girls paid services will stay the same but will be improved making things better than it is.

So Dream Girls new website will be ready for beta testing next year and the all new MP3 Player APP playable in web browser. I had to put the player and a lot of things on hold because I needed to fight the Clinton machine. The new website carrying the Subliminal programs is going to be awesome and paid members will be the first to try it out!

Another new project I’ve been working on building is a text to speech software for recording and saving audio voice files to be used in recording subliminal messages. I still have a few bugs to workout but I plan to have it ready sometime during Dream Girls reboot in 2017.

I want to make Dream Girls great again!

So this is what I’ve been preoccupied with trying to forge a better future. I want a stronger economy for my business and truly put an end to ISIS! Trump will do this he’s putting together a presidential cabinet so we can start winning again. Did you know a Bank choose Obama’s presidential cabinet?

For a taste of real news you can follow, The Donald reddit

And if you like, you can follow up on Trumps Twitter posts at

Oh and I’m busy giving my new story, Molly The Puppy about a young 18-teen year old girl who will be trained and enslaved as a pet.  The whole story is  getting a reboot as well 🙂 I have big plans for this story…

Stay tuned for the new and improved Dream Girls coming in 2017!

Merry Christmas everyone,






Dream Girls forum upgrade stage 2

I’m pleased to announce that stage 2 of Dream Girls forum upgrades are now completed and I just brought forum online after giving all prime members access to the paid sections of the forum. You can check it out here

Now the forum is still under development which means will be adding new features and improving existing code all the time. What we have up and running right now is stable and I have to say it has potential.

This new forum is the first step to making Dream Girls strong!

All Dream Girls users have access to a new profile that built into the forum. After ou login you can see it here,

Giving you the ability to read your forum topics and editing your profile you can upload a avatar picture and edit your password ,ect

We will be adding new features to the profiles as well giving you more options.

Now, I wasn’t able to convert former profile data from the old system because it was to complex but the important thing is that all the forum topics and posts I was able to carry them over to the new forum setup.

The converting of forum topics and post has been well tested before I did this final take.

Any advice and input is appreciated 🙂

Feel free to post your insight here: Forum Beta Upgrade

As for Messages, it will be replaced with a new Mail system capable with the new forum setup.

But for those of you wanting to retrieve your past Messages from Dream Girls can be done here. I won’t have this up forever but long enough for you guys to retrieve your past mail…

Just login to access your Messages using your existing Dream Girls login info…


Good day,






Dream Girls forum upgrade stage 1

Hey everyone,

Dream Girls forum now undergoing it’s upgrade. The forum for a short time will be unassailable so I can backup everything and complete the upgrade.

Yes, all existing forum content will be carried over into the updated forum software.

As for Dream Girls Messages

The Messages will be discontinued replacing it with a whole new setup at a later time. I have something much better in mind. For now the forum and the Members Area will be the main focus.

For those of you who want to go in and save past messages will be given enough time to backup his messages.



Things are looking up,